CORE - Cultural & Occupational Resource Exchange


CIPUSA offers two programs for foreign nationals wishing to train in the U.S. 
The two programs are called the the CORE Program (training program has not been secured) and the Global Partner Program (training program has been secured).  Each program requires the participant to enter the U.S. using a J-1 training visa. 

CORE Program Overview

The CORE Program places international professionals in training programs in one of five CIPUSA affiliate cities or in CIPUSA’s headquarters in Cleveland. The program is coordinated by our affiliate offices, which manage participant training experiences, cultural needs and compensation. Interested applicants must meet the J-1 training visa eligibility requirements in order to apply for the CORE program.

Affiliate Cities
  • Chicago (IL)
  • Kalamazoo (MI)
  • Columbus (OH)
  • Scranton (PA)
  • Morgantown (WV)
  • Cleveland (OH)
This program places international professionals in training internships or training sites according to each participant’s interests, learning needs and goals. Training sites include non-profit organizations, government agencies, and businesses throughout the United States. 
Trainees live with host families and participate in arranged cultural activities. Our affiliate offices coordinate the arrivals of their CORE trainees. This creates a group of international professionals that have the opportunity to socialize, learn from and support each other throughout their programs.

CIPUSA’s affiliates design quality training programs for CORE Program trainees in a variety of fields. Training programs are typically 3-4 months but can last up to 18 months in length. Common training fields include :
  • Business

  • Communications/Information Media

  • Education

  • Government/Law

  • Nonprofit

  • Social Work Administration

Applicant and CIPUSA responsibilities

The applicant is responsible for:
  • Roundtrip airfare
  • Program administration fee ($700-$1,800 depending on the length of the training program)
  • Health insurance
  • Money for personal expenses (approximately $200-$500 per month)
  • Flexibility and commitment to learning and professional development
  • Submitting all required CIPUSA paperwork (evaluations, etc.) in a timely manner.
  • Adhering to all J-1 training visa regulations during the training program
CIPUSA and its affiliate offices will provide:
  • A well designed DS-7002 training plan created by the affiliate and training site
  • Sponsorship for the J-1 training visa by arranging the DS 2019 forms
  • Health insurance if needed. CIPUSA offers the option of purchasing health insurance through HTH Worldwide (please contact CIPUSA for current insurance rates)
  • Orientation to the U.S. and the affiliate city
  • Room/board through host family living (for programs beyond four months apartment living with a roommate is provided)
  • A local transportation stipend and in some cases a small living stipend
  • Cultural or educational activities
  • Evaluations throughout the program
  • Support throughout the program

CIPUSA Core Program Information and Application Process

If you would like to participate in CIPUSA’s Core Program:
1) Download the CORE Application. If you are unable to download the application please email to have an application package sent to you by regular mail.  To proceed, please submit the following:
  • Completed CIPUSA application in English, honestly and completely (please type or print clearly)
  • Complete mailing address, home or work telephone number and active email address
  • Copy of passport
  • 4 passport photos with this application
  • American style resume (include all volunteer and internship experiences in addition to professional background)
  • Copies of all degrees or certificates
  • Two letters of professional reference
  • $40 USD application fee by check or money order from an accredited bank such as American Express, or Barclays Bank, or Citibank MADE PAYABLE TO COUNCIL OF INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS USA. (If your check is returned to us, an additional $40 fee along with the original $40 application fee will be billed to you. Applications will not be processed until the $40 application fee is received. We will only accept credit cards for the administrative fee.)
2) Once CIPUSA receives the completed application form and $40 application fee, the application will be reviewed.  An approved CIPUSA staff member or recruiter will interview the applicant. The CIPUSA application review process is as follows:
CIPUSA will review the application and if it meets all requirements it will be submitted to the affiliate offices for further review. An email will be sent to all applicants to confirm receipt of application. Emails will also be sent to applicants notifying applicants of their status throughout the process.

  • The CIPUSA affiliate offices will review the applications and select those they think are possible for placement in their cities. (review takes up to two months).  If the application is selected the applicant will receive an email stating which affiliate office has selected the trainee. If not selected, CIPUSA will keep the application on file for one year, if a placement becomes available CIPUSA will inform the applicant via email.

Due to the intensive nature of finding training placements the process for securing Core Program placements can take a year or more. The affiliate office may contact the applicant regularly to get details about their placement desires.

CIPUSA Core Program Fees

CIPUSA Administrative fees for the Core Program are based on a sliding scale to account for differences in general standards of living.  Please contact CIPUSA or an affiliate office for current program fees.

In addition to the CIPUSA fee all J-1 trainees are now subject to a $180 USD SEVIS I-901 fee. This fee is being imposed to support the U.S. Government Student Exchange and Visitor Information System to maintain accurate and secure information on exchange visitors to the United States. This fee must be paid prior to your U.S. Embassy visit. U.S. Embassies will not issue a J-1 visa until this fee has been paid. CIPUSA will process this fee on behalf of the trainee. For further information about SEVIS please click here.
For further information about the CORE Program please contact CIPUSA at