Welcome CIPUSA alumni! Although your program has now come to a successful close, your relationship with CIPUSA can continue to open doors for you in both professional and personal spheres. As a CIPUSA alum, you have the ability to connect and network with other participants and explore the endless opportunities available to you as a member of our vibrant alumni community.

Within our alumni network, you can continue your cross-cultural exchange as a part of one or more of our three groups:

Council of International Programs, USA (CIPUSA) alumni

The CIPUSA alumni group supports its participants and connects members through social media platforms such as FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.


Council of International Fellowship (CIF) alumni

The CIF alumni group provides networking opportunities and resources to those participants who work specifically in social services or human services positions.

In 1960, moved by their experience in the U.S., alumni of CIP formed the Council of International Fellowship to duplicate their time in the U.S. around the world. Since then countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, North and South America and Oceania have joined the CIF/CIPUSA family. Many of them run programs with similar aims to CIPUSA.

CIF is an internationally recognized umbrella organization that has 33 National Branches and 9 Contact persons worldwide. It is a volunteer run membership organization that is open to any professional in the social services field.  Every member has participated in either a CIF or CIPUSA program at one time in some capacity.

Certain countries with National Branch offices host exchange programs.  If you are interested in participating in a CIF program please click HERE.  If you would like more information about CIF International please visit their website at

U.S. State Department alumni

The U.S. State Department alumni group provides networking opportunities and resources to those participants who were J-1 visa holders.

To learn more about each of our alumni groups, visit the links provided on this page. We hope that you take advantage of the resources available through our alumni networks and continue to be an active part of CIPUSA!





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