The Council of International Fellowship (CIF) is an international professional exchange organization founded by CIPUSA alumni that provides programs in the field of human services to international professionals from around the world, including the United States.


CIF Beginnings

CIF was founded in 1960 by past participants of CIPUSA who shared a desire to continue the spirit of fellowship, human understanding, and peace that they experienced during their training in the U.S. CIF has 33 national branches and is present in 54 countries around the world. To view CIF National Branches (NB) and Contact Persons (CP), please click here

Training Programs offered by CIF

CIF invites professionals from the U.S. to participate in social work, special education, and youth work internship programs overseas. Most programs offered range from two to six weeks in length for a minimal cost. All CIF programs require professionals to meet certain criteria to participate (i.e. minimum of one year of experience in the human services field, language requirement). Whatever the program may entail, most of the programs provide host family living as a crucial part of the program’s cultural understanding. The programs also include both on and off site ventures and experiences to allow for a broader scope of observation and experience. CIF offers a unique opportunity for learning and sharing in an international context and successfully allowing for expansion and understanding between different cultures and people.

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