July 26, 2017

Building Bridges Program: Meet the Participants!



A Six-Week International Professional Development Program in the U.S.
August 4 - September 15, 2017


Building bridges among cultures has been the heart of CIPUSA programming from our inception. We strive to foster a better understanding of each other, our professions, and our communities.

To help promote our mission, CIPUSA has developed the Building Bridges Program, a six-week professional development program under the Civil Society Theme: Social Services and NGO Administration. 

While on the program, participants will be placed at various host organizations where they will learn about the U.S.-side of their profession through observation, discussion, and somehands-on activities. In addition, time will be put towards a comparable learning project, cultural/educational activities, and volunteerism. At the end of the program each participant will share what they have learned during the program with CIPUSA and the host community. Participants will have the opportunity to understand our country's culture and life through host family living.



This year's Building Bridges participants come from Tawain, Indonesia and Israel. They will be staying in Phoenix, Arizona under the direction of CIPUSA's Affiliate Office, Empower International.  


Ying Hao Huang • Taiwan

Ying-Hao is an Assistant Professor at National Dong Hwa University and Secretary General of Taiwan Indigenous Dmavun Development Association. His organization administers various social services (medical vehicles, assistance with school work, scholarships, meal delivery service for elders, etc.) to an Indigenous tribe along the Da-an River. Ying-Hao's goal is to learn more about Social Enterprise and Community Development, specifically with Indigenous communities.


Etty Rahmawati Arabia • Indonesia

Etty is a conservation Education Coordinator at Alam Sehat Lester (ASRI). She works for an NGO that links human health and environmental health by providing high quality health care, alternative livelihoods and education in an effort to eliminate illegal logging and other pressures that threaten the National Park. Etty travels regional to schools and villages to teach communities about health, hygiene, and ecology and the connection between human health and the environment. In addition she coordinates an international volunteer program. Her goal is to learn new educational approaches and techniques to expand the work she does.


Hadas Ze'ev • Israel

Hadas is a Manager of the Geriatrics Unit of the Department of Social Services in the Mevaseret Zion Municipality. As Head of the Geriatrics unit, she has a vast amount of experience working with elderly people and their families. She works with her clients to solve issues concerning their situations, trains and supervises co-workers, colleagues and students, and develops and implements community service projects for the elderly with sponsorship from NGO’s and government offices. Hadas is hoping to gain professional knowledge and learn new approaches and methods in the field of gerontology.  In particular to learn about community intervention programs to help the elderly cope with loneliness. Also she would like to visit various eldercare centers to learn how facilities are managed.






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