April 4, 2016

Chinese New Media Delegation

Chinese New Media Delegation

From March 6-20, CIPUSA’s affiliate office, Columbus International Program (CIP), hosted three Chinese bloggers for a Chinese New Media Program.  Their three participants, Dr. Ning, Jason and Helen, experienced American culture and media, while learning more about U.S. healthcare and education systems. 
In Columbus, the participants met with city officials, visited local schools, and talked to university faculty and administrators.  Halfway through the program, the delegation took a weekend trip to Washington, D.C. to meet with national leaders, including the staff
of two of Central Ohio’s representatives in Congress, Joyce Beatty and Steve Stivers.  On the way to D.C. the group visited Morgantown, West Virginia to visit another one of our affiliate offices, West Virginia Council of International Programs.  
In keeping with CIP tradition, the participants gave a presentation on their hometowns and treated CIP members to some singing and dancing during a traditional Chinese dinner at Sunflower Restaurant.  On their last day, the participants visited the Dayton Air Force Museum before saying goodbye to their host families.
It was a busy two weeks, but Dr. Ning, Jason, and Helen all agree that they had an excellent time making new friends, professional connections, and experiencing American culture!  

CIP and CIPUSA appreciates all the members and partners who volunteered to make this program possible!

For more information about Columbus International Program, please click HERE.

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Billy J. says:
November 28, 2017 8:08 PM

This is wonderful! Everyone in the photos look so happy.
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