October 8, 2020

COVID-19 Vaccine and Therapy Exchange Program Approved by U.S. Embassy

We are pleased to announce the approval of eight of our candidates for the J-1 training visa for programs in the development of cell culture media.  The seven-week programs will allow the eight European trainees to learn protocols currently being implemented in the United States in the pursuit of COVID-19 related vaccines and therapies.  The trainees will replicate these procedures and share newly gained knowledge and skills with colleagues at a new facility in their home country in the development of pharmaceutical therapies to prevent and treat COVID-19.

The eight candidates were approved as exceptions to the June 22 Presidential Proclamation banning the issuance of new J-1 visas due to the national interest of the development of a vaccine and pharmeceutical therapies for the treatment of COVID-19.  More applicants are expected to submit for the same program, as an entire workforce must be trained in these protocols in order to properly staff and operate in the new facility in Europe.  We are honored to be a part of these programs as the designated sponsor. 
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