June 15, 2020

GLOBAL CHATS: COVID-19 Education for Refugee & Immigrant Populations - A Unique Approach

CIP Global Chats-connecting the world virtually on topics facing us now. An opportunity for us to bring communities together through virtual dialogue.  Council of International Programs works toward building bridges of understanding through meaningful cross cultural exchanges. This Global Chat will enhance knowledge and awareness of successful public health projects and a medical-home model of healthcare that is meeting the health, education, and social needs of US Refugee patients in Phoenix, Arizona.

DATE: Thursday, June 18th
TIME: 10 am PST / 1 pm EST

This chat will cover:

  • Introduction to refugees and refugee-specific health care needs
  • Background on the development and implementation of a Pediatric refugee clinic that has a success medical-home model
  • How the clinic is working on diverse projects, especially in order to inform the refugee communities on the COVID-19 pandemic, addressing their language and cultural barriers
  • Production of short educational videos in response to public health needs of the refugee population during COVID 19
  • Utilization of Cultural Health Navigators (CHNs) to make a more unique and inclusive clinic model
  • Successful clinic-patient practices such as conference calls with families and community providers, as well as coordinating with other health care providers and public health professionals

Our speakers for this chat include Dr. Michael Do, a Pediatrician at Valleywise Health in Phoenix, Arizona and the Director of the Valleywise Pediatric Refugee Clinic, and Julie Ngiriye, a social worker and care coordinator for refugee and immigrant families at the Valleywise Health Pediatrics Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona.

For more information about this chat please register at the link above. 

A ZOOM meeting link will be sent to all registered participants prior to event.

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