July 24, 2020

At Home with Kate


Welcome to our first installment of our new series, "At Home with CIP"!  While new cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in Cuyahoga county and throughout the United States, working from home has become our new normal.  Every month we will invite you into our home offices to show you how CIP is serving you in safety.

It's easy to see why Director of Programs Kate Cohen is so friendly and laid-back when you discover who is supervising her work at home!  Rosey, Kate's five-year-old golden retriever, always makes sure Kate takes plenty of breaks for love and affection amid her duties as alternate responsible officer for the J-1 intern and trainee programs, devising new organizational strategies to meet the needs of a changing world, and developing new internal procedures.  Stepchildren Finn (18) and Lyd (16) offer support and entertainment as well.

Kate's home workspaces are brought to you by her husband of nearly six years, Brett.  Brett, a software engineer who has worked from home for years, surprised Kate towards the beginning of the stay-at-home order with her own home office in a spare bedroom of their house.  He and his parents also built the brand new deck on the back of Kate and Brett's home, which was finished just in time to host many long hours behind the laptop for Kate.  "I'm lucky to have a husband who is both thoughtful and handy to get me through the long days of the quarantine, " Kate exclaims with a gleam of admiration in her eye.  

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