October 9, 2020

We Are Stronger Together

All around us and at all levels we are seeing tensions rise.  There is discord between leaders of nations, members of public office, and neighbors.  We are seeing a great level of animosity among those who do not share each others’ convictions.  

We stand by the belief that we are stronger together.  We bring people together to learn to understand one another.  It’s not always easy - it can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful to recognize preconceptions that have been with us for years.  We need courage and hard work to get past feelings of vulnerability and come out the other side with a new compassion and respect for those we once viewed as adversaries.  

At a time when it may feel easier to remain divided, we are here to continue building bridges.  We are here to bring people together, to learn from each other and become allies.  We are here to fight prejudice and intolerance with compassion and respect.  Our exchanges are essential to giving people the chance to connect with each other.  We must do the hard work of overcoming fear and uncertainty to join together in goodwill and friendship.  

After 64 years, CIP is more committed than ever to our mission.  Our Board of Directors and staff wish to reassure you, our supporters and friends, that we will rise to the challenge with more vitality than ever.  As always, we thank you for your part in making this possible.

Janis Faehnrich
Board Chair

Lisa Purdy
President and CEO
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