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1015 Twin Oaks St.
Bensenville, IL 60106
001 630-359-3393
Executive Director: George Palamattam


CIP Chicago promotes global peace through international training and cross-cultural exchange.

Beneficiaries of CIP Chicago's Services Include:

  • Area busiensses, nonprofits and government agencies who may get the services of international professionals that CIP recruits and brings to the U.S. for work-based training.

  • Professionals from any part of the world, with a bachelors degree and at least two years of experiene, interested in enhancing their knowledge and skills in their professional field through work, practical training and cross-cultural exchange.

  • Communities, including low income and culturally diverse neighborhoods in the midwest region that receive servies of international professionals with outstanding expertise.

Types of Programs Offered:

  • For businesses, nonprofits and government agencies: recruitment and placement of highly-qualified professionals from any country in the world.

  • For individuals and small groups from abroad: work-based professional development opportunities with firms in the U.S. and specially-designed mall group.

  • For individuals from the U.S.: cultural and educaitonal visits overseas through Discovery Journey

Program Highlights:

  • Professional development in the U.S. for 20 television talk-show professionals from the Republic of Geogia.

  • Weeklong professional development in the U.S. for community leaders, government officials, university executives and business owners.

  • Study visits to various countries for small groups of students, professional association members and community members. 

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