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Colleagues International logo555 West Crosstown Parkway, Suite 203
Kalamazoo, MI 49008
001 269-341-9494
Executive Director: Jodi Michaels
Website: www.colleaguesinternational.org

Since 1971, Colleagues International has been bringing international leaders to west Michigan.  Colleagues International is a community blessed with successful non-profit, academic, governmental, entrepreneurial, and grassroots organizations. Colleagues International will be celebrating their 45th anniversary in 2016!  

Types of Programs Offered:

  • Colleagues International facilitates CIPUSA, Open World, IVLP, Community Connections, and Professional Fellows programs.

  • Colleagues International has hosted guests from over 100 different countries.  

  • Known for their home hosting and hospitality events. Colleagues International volunteers love to embrace their guests and develop long-term friendships during short-term visits.

Highlights from Recent Programs:

In the fall of 2014, Colleagues International hosted three social workers from Germany.  Each completed a three-month internship and each took away new professional perspectives and friendships.  Colleagues International was fortunate to have such a talented and engaged group of guests, and the exchanges and synergies that transpired were of mutual benefit to visitors and hosts.

U.S. Congressman, Fred Upton, has indicated in the past that:  "I admire the way that Colleagues International has successfully trained international professionals and community leaders about our American ways of doing business and about living in a democracy.  It is also important for our citizens to understand the issues facing other countries around the world. Colleagues International programs break down barriers, foster cultural understanding, and contribute to the national security of our country."

Colleagues International


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