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Gilbert, AZ 85297
001 480-427-6204
Executive Director: Stacy Moreno
Email: empowerinternationalllc@gmail.com
Website: facebook.com/empowerinternationalphoenix


Empower International was started by a young social worker that has a passion for change, the desire to see the world and build meaningful relationships, and to bring those around her for the ride. The envision of Empower International is to enable others to grow and make meaningful change, stemming from mutual understanding and passion for the greater good.

Empower International considers their work to be globally-minded social work, empowering others to engage and collaborate starting with uniquely crafted international exchange opportunities and culturally rich experiences.

Empower International is at the cutting edge of developing the first of its programs in the Phoenix Metro area, targeting programs for social workers and those in similar fields.

Programs Available For:

  • Extremely curious and passionate students studying social work, or the greater human services field. 

  • Local graduates of social programs and the average working professional - from those just starting their career to those with lots of experience.

Highlights from Recent Programs:



Border Security Delegation


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