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West Virginia Council of International Programs

Office of Global Affairs
PO Box 6313
1505 University Ave. 
Morgantown, WV 26506
001 304-293-7236
Website:  iternational.wvu.edu/cip
Email: cip@mail.wvu.edu

Since 1970, the West Virginia Council of International Programs (CIP) and its 22 member volunteer community board has coordinated a unique placement program for mid-career professionals. West Virginia CIP, in collaboration with West Virginia University, Department of Global Affairs, provides an exchange experience that enhances professional skills, improves cross-cultural communications, and provides insights into American life and society.
Our exchange program is four months in duration, beginning in mid-August and concluding in late November. We host between 5 and 10 individuals during that time. Each participant will spend time with 3 to 4 different host families in the Morgantown community. Evaluations are conducted halfway through the program and upon departure.
The program blends six components into the four-month placement for each international professional.
Type of Program Offered:

  • Agency Placement /Professional Internship: For international mid-career professionals in the community and on the West Virginia University campus. Hosting agencies include social work, engineering (various), nursing and health sciences, agriculture, intensive English, business, community schools, education, non-profit NGOs, and others.   

  • Immersion in American Society & Culture: Each CIP Professional lives with three or four American families during his or her stay in West Virginia. Host-family living provides individuals unique insights into American society and culture. It also personalizes the experience and builds lifelong friendships.

  • Retreat & Orientation Upon arrival: Participants begin the first part of our orientation program with a three-day retreat. This is a time for recreation, cooking, eating, talking, and learning about the CIP program and about each other. The second half of the orientation program consists of a ten-day seminar planned around these general topics:

  1. US educational system

  2. US health system, special services, and social work

  3. US legal and economic systems

  4. Morgantown, WV and vicinity—community, environment and culture

  • Weekly Meetings & Events with Participants: The CIP Professionals come together weekly to discuss their own countries and other topics of general interest. Depending on financial ability, they may also travel together to points of interest in West Virginia, bordering states, and to Canada.

Highlights from Recent Programs:
The WVCIP international professionals have completed multiple community tasks: they have led free community health events, articulated environmental issues and described women’s issues in their countries (multiple years), and made presentations at professional conferences. The activities reached audiences on campus and in the community. Examples: all of our participants participated in WVU’s Mountaineer Week activities (2018); a powerful presentation was given by our Rwandan women for WVU’s Diversity Week (2012) regarding African tribal politics; a participant from Nigeria (2014) took part in the Goodwill City Ambassadors program to welcome
visitors to the WVU-Texas Christian University football game. A China doctor presented traditional Chinese medicine to multiple local audiences (2006); a German physical education teacher assisted WV adventure programs (2005). The events have been aired on local Morgantown WV TV stations and ESPN Game Days, while the local Dominion Post, has featured many articles.
Also, WVCIP participants have organized International Festivals (2013-2014) at The SHACK a social outreach located in a poorer area of our county, and participated in the university’s annual International Festival during for many years since 2005, with the aim to expand cultural awareness locally.  Host families and the CIP Board have combined off and on since 2002, to help participants attend religious services (if they ask) and experience different faith communities; invite them to county fairs, local historical sites, and U.S. celebrations. During orientation ever year, the newly arrived professionals learn of local services and tips on topics such as dealing with safety, handling health issues, overcoming cultural shock.


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