Social Work Focused Programs Outside of the U.S.


CIPUSA offers U.S. social work professionals and others in the human services field to have an opportunity to explore social work in another country through our affiliation with the Council of International Fellowship’s (CIF) programs. These programs offer professional, cultural and educational opportunities. Programs combine practical and theoretical information about the social and cultural environment of the host country and provide participants with the opportunity to present work methods and cultural trends of his or her home country. These programs facilitate cultural awareness, mutual understanding and respect, and ultimately helps foster peaceful relations between nations.

If you are interested in applying for a CIF program abroad please contact CIF-USA’s President Carolyn Sutton at She will communicate with Americans interested in participating in a CIF program abroad, answering any questions related to the programs, provide an application, and connect you with a U.S. alumni who has been on a CIF Program. For more information about CIF-USA please visit their website at

Click on a highlighted country below to see current programs:

Aotearoa / New Zealand •  Argentina •  Australia  •  Austria  •  Cameroon  •  Cyprus  •  Czech Republic  •  Estonia  •  Finland  •  France 
Germany  •  Greece (Hellas)  •  India  •  Israel •  Italy  •  Japan  •  Kenya  •  Kyrgyzstan  •  Latvia  •  Lithuania  •  Morocco  •  Nepal  •   Netherlands
Norway  •  Russia  •  Scotland •  Slovenia  •  Spain  •  Sweden  •  Switzerland  •  Taiwan  •  Turkey •  United States - CIPUSA



Program Criteria

  • Applicants must be in the social services field

  • Have 2-3 years of professional experience in their field

Each CIF program contains:

  • Orientation

  • Experience in a multicultural group

  • Agency Placements

  • Host Family Living

  • Evaluation


  • Application Form PDF

  • National Branch / Contact Person Recommendation Form PDF


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