Dr. Pritam S. Bhatia Scholarship


The Dr. Pritam S. Bhatia Scholarship Fund of CIPUSA was established in 2018 by Dr. Devinder Bhatia and his wife Gina, in honor and memory of Dr. Bhatia’s father, Pritam Singh Bhatia, who was a participant in the Council of International Programs and Fulbright Fellow from India in 1962. While on the CIP program, Pritam learned social work practices through his placements at Hough / Norwood Family Health Care Center in Cleveland, Ohio and at the Jane Addams Hull House in Chicago, Illinois.  After his CIP program Pritam went on to earn a masters degree in social work from the University of Michigan and a PhD from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. It was in Cleveland where Pritam met and married Sandra, and where Devinder Bhatia was born.

Pritam Bhatia joined the staff and faculty of the University of Arkansas and made contributions to the field of social work while creating a loving family that included Devinder and his three sisters.

In recognition of the instrumental role that CIPUSA played in his father’s life and the legacy that continues to live on through his life, Dr. Devinder Bhatia made this philanthropic gift to support additional participants in CIP initiatives and programs. Funds will be used for scholarships for those demonstrating financial need. While preference will be given to individuals from India, the Bhatias’ father’s native country, funds may be used for qualified participants from any country.

It is the hope that this gift will inspire others, both first and subsequent generations of CIP participants to philanthropically support the work of CIPUSA.

Recipients of the Dr. Pritam S. Bhatia scholarship will receive a biography of Pritam Singh Bhatia, and will be required to share the reflections of the program with CIPUSA and Devinder and Gina Bhatia upon completion of their program.

Dr. Devinder Bhatia and his wife Gina Bhatia support numerous charities and live in Houston, Texas. Dr. Bhatia, a thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon, has a private medical practice. Gina and Devinder are loving parents to their three children and sit on various nonprofit boards, including The Houston Symphony and The Houston Ballet. Together they have raised over ten million dollars for several worthwhile organizations.

To learn more about Dr. Pritam S. Bhatia personal journey with CIP, please click HERE to download a PDF of his story.





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