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CIP believes in offering meaningful training programs, and creating new ways to meet the changing needs of our country, as well as interests of those we come in contact with. Now more than ever it is imperative that we get past the comfort of our communities, experience the global world around us and learn about the social issues they face….all while building meaningful relationships.

Come join us! Programs are open to students, professionals, host families, colleagues, or just travel enthusiasts.

All of the trips can also be found at (This is where you will also sign-up for trips and make payments.)


Central Europe: Budapest, Pecs, Vienna, Prague  •  June 13-30, 2019  •  $2150*

Program looks at xenophobia, migration, human rights and community impact. There is time in this trip for a few days, or partial days, spread out in each city to plan your own activities in addition to everything we are planning. Sign-ups end March 14!

Click HERE to download more info on the Central Europe trip!

Puerto Rico: Disaster Relief (service trip)  •  October 12-19, 2019  •  $1775*

We will be based in San Juan and are partnering with a few wonderful organizations to do some hands on project work in different areas of the island. We will stay in a hotel, and also get some free time and cultural activities in along the way. In addition, we will plan some dialogue/walking tours to expand our knowledge about the political connection the U.S. has with Puerto Rico, its impact, as well as chats about the impact of Hurricane Maria and support from the U.S.

Click HERE to download more info on the Puerto Rico trip!

Costa Rica: Migration, Human Rights and Community  •  January 2-12, 2020   •  $1500*

This is right after the holidays, before school is back in session! A blended trip of comparative learning and service focused on human rights and the impact of Nicaragua's dictatorship on its people, migrant workers and their rights, as well as local family living in a small rural town and hands on work with these beautiful people. Its a great combo of San Jose, small town, and beaches!

Click HERE to download more info on the Costa Rica trip!

CUBA: Society and Culture  •  March 6-25, 2020  •  $2560*

Come discover Cuba with us and get insight into the people, culture, music, community, education, political history, cuisine and more! We are working on possibly bringing the cost down and will keep you informed.  More info announced soon.


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