LearnSpain Internship (J-1 Visa)

LearnSpain is the result of the partnership between CIPUSA and Meddeas. The program brings recent graduates in Education from Spain to intern as teaching assistants in American schools under a J-1 intern visa.

Meddeas contributes with its expertise in recruiting education interns, and CIPUSA with their vast experience in bringing international professionals to the U.S.

American schools host Spanish teaching assistants, who provide help and improve the multicultural scenario of the school while promoting intercultural exchanges. These assistants not only help students with their knowledge of Spanish but also teachers. Assistants also track attendance, calculate grades, help supervise students, and help organize and prepare lessons and materials.

As a result of LearnSpain, U.S. schools have the unique opportunity to promote multiculturalism among their students, and Spanish teaching assistants return to Spain having gained real experience in Education, and having embraced the American culture and way of life. 

Please click HERE to download a PDF with more information about the LearnSpain Intern Program.

About Meddeas:

Meddeas is a Spanish-based organization founded in 2011 by professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the education sector. With presence in five countries, they provide support to bilingual teaching in educational centers.

They are renowned by their Language Assistant programs. Every year, more than 300 recent graduates from English speaking countries further their training and cooperate with Spanish private schools as Language Assistants.

Meddeas has developed its own methodology to successfully select education trainees and professionals, conducting more than 2,000 interviews for more than 200 schools every year. 

Program Facts:

  • Demanding selection process of recent graduates in Education, from Spain, who are fluent in English
  • Participants are hosted at schools under a J-1 visa
  • Schools cover workers’ compensation and salary, enough to cover living expenses
  • Programs length: one or two semesters
  • Participants receive pre-arrival orientation in Spain and continuous support while in the US
  • Emergency contact available 24/7 

Program Advantages:

  • Great opportunity to have a Spanish native speaker with a degree in Education at an affordable cost
  • Selection process and support for visa applications handled by Meddeas and CIPUSA
  • Improvement of the level of Spanish of both teachers and students
  • Help and assistance to students whose mother tongue is not English
  • Promotion of multicultural awareness 

Application Fee:

  • One semester: $1,500
  • Two semesters: $2,000 

Intern Salary:

  • $1,500 per month (Some schools might decide to complement a lower salary by providing accomodation)


  • Application deadline is three months prior to the beginning of the program

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